In this day and age, data – and how you use it – is the key to success. If you’re organising or heading to countless careers events nationwide, you’ll end up meeting thousands of career-conscious students. How can you capture and store their data effectively? How can you keep these students engaged? With RMP Connect, that’s how.

Tailored, targeted and tracked communications

We created RMP Connect to help employers interact with undergraduates more efficiently than ever. Once you’ve met students, recorded their data (using the app) and created a database, you’ll be able to use the system to send out targeted and tailored emails.


Works offline and online

You can’t always rely on a great internet connection everywhere you go. Luckily, with RMP Connect you don’t need to. The form works both online and offline, meaning you can use a tablet or similar portable device at events to capture data quickly and easily.

Your personalised database

We create a personalised database for each of our clients, to make it easier for our users to store, maintain and track all of the data that’s been collected. Once you’ve got an account with us, you’ll be able to engage with students who’ve shown an interest in your brand.

Plan your email strategy

With RMP Connect, you can create an organised and streamlined communication strategy that is manageable and trackable. Every time a student signs up using your form, you’ll be able to arrange and send automatic (scheduled) emails, followed by bespoke, targeted communications.

Increase engagement with text messages

It’s about more than just emails these days. Text messages are immediate and convenient, allowing you to send out reminders and details that are easily digestible and more likely to be read. With RMP Connect, we’ll advise you on the best ways to engage students using text messages.

Track your ROI

The advantage of using our data capture and database technology is that it means everything can be fully tracked from day one. This way you can see which of your marketing activities offer the best return on investment, and how to adapt your campaigns in the future as a result.

Useful at any event

RMP Connect is as an effective engagement tracker tool for both universities and recruiters. Every event you can think of – from awards ceremonies and careers fairs to focus groups, open days and campus tours – can benefit from using our professional and efficient system.