Build, engage, manage and report on your Talent Pool with RMP Connect.

Through use of the full suite of data capture, Talent Pool engagement and candidate tracking, you can get a candidate through each stage of your Talent Pipeline.

Our technology solution supports candidates through each stage of the Talent Pipeline,  providing you with a full suite of data capture, Talent Pool engagement and candidate tracking.

Sign Up Your Candidates

RMP Connect allows you to sign up candidates to your Talent Pool; you can do this either in person at events, through online registration forms or through our new integration with

Out On Campus

We’ve developed an App to allow you to capture data from candidates face to face at events. You can use devices to check-in people who have pre-registered or capture data from people you have met for the first time.

Online Forms

We can create online registration forms that can be styled to fit perfectly on your website, microsite or social media. Meaning you can make sure candidates who sign up hear about your roles, events and upcoming deadlines first.


Works Offline and Online

You can’t always rely on a great internet connection everywhere you go. Luckily, with RMP Connect you don’t need to. You can easily capture data both online and offline through our App, which is available to use on tablets or similar portable devices.

Understanding Your Talent

Through the data collected, RMP Connect gives you the power to build your own Talent Pool of individuals. Delve into the detail of information in your Talent Pool to discover where you met each candidate on their personalised “interaction timeline”. Search and segment your database to bring back groups of candidates you want to further analyse or communicate with.

Plan Your Communication Strategy

With RMP Connect, you can create an organised and streamlined communication strategy that is manageable and trackable.

Every time a student signs up using your form, you’ll be able to arrange and send automatic emails, followed by bespoke, targeted and scheduled communications.

The Power of SMS

The candidate experience isn’t just about emails. SMS messages are immediate and convenient, allowing you to send out reminders and event details that are easily digestible and more likely to be read.

Track Your ROI

The advantage of using our Talent Pool Solution is that everything is tracked from day one. The new and improved Reporting Suite allows you to identify which marketing activities offer the best return on investment for recruiting high quality talent into your business.