RateMyPlacement is the UK’s leading resource for career-conscious university students searching for undergraduate placement years, internships, vacation schemes and insights. The website attracts 2.4 million visitors and delivers fantastic results for our clients, with 800,000 redirects from RateMyPlacement to client application pages each year. Known as the TripAdvisor for placements, alongside jobs we also host 40,000 reviews online.

Delivering great results

Large visitor numbers are great, but when it comes down to it, clients want clicks. That’s why we’re proud to say that we enable 800,000 redirects to our clients’ undergraduate vacancies every year. With 2.4m visits and 800,000 redirects, we know that one in every three visitors will redirect.


Aimed towards undergraduates

Our website is specifically targeted towards undergraduates, offering current university students the jobs they need to get their careers started. RateMyPlacement is the leader in this niche market, advertising more undergraduate placements, internships, vacation schemes and insights than any other website.

Peer-to-peer reviews

We do much more than advertise undergraduate jobs. Our website also hosts more than 40,000 unique peer-to-peer reviews, making us the TripAdvisor for placements. These company reviews have been written by previous years’ placement students and interns, making them an incredible resource for current students looking for jobs.

Highly-targeted communications

We know you want to hire the best people for your roles, which is why we offer you the chance to do more than simply advertise your job. Using our database of thousands of undergraduates, we can target your jobs towards specific groups, whether that’s by gender, university, degree and so on.

Millions of visitors

With 2.4 million visitors using RateMyPlacement every year, we guarantee that your job will receive exposure to thousands of career-conscious undergraduates. There’s no better way to get your vacancy in front of the students that you want to hire.

Trusted by clients

Many clients come back to us year after year, because we guarantee them clicks and applications. We have a proven track record of delivering hires for clients across a range of industries. Major companies, from HP to Johnson & Johnson to Warner Bros, have previously used us to advertise and fill all of their undergraduate vacancies.