Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes offer a real alternative to university, meaning many ambitious young people are considering and then taking this path into employment. RateMyApprenticeship exists to educate students, parents and schools about the market, while offering career advice, thousands of company reviews and promoting employers’ opportunities.

Peer-to-peer hosts thousands of unique peer-to-peer company reviews, which provide students with a trusted resource that they can use while searching for apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.


Offering clarity

There are a lot of different programmes in the school leaver market, which can be confusing for young people and their parents. We allow users to narrow down their review or job search based on the programme type, and include all forms of work experience on our website.


As this is an area that’s continuing to grow and develop, we feel it’s important to educate young people about the options open to them. The more informed our users are about all potential career paths, the more likely they are to make the best decision for their futures.

Valuable resource

We provide helpful advice that can be used by school leavers throughout the entire application process – whether it’s before their application, during submission or after they’ve had a response.


Employers want to attract high-quality hires to their programmes, which is why we’re proud to say that previous clients have used RateMyApprenticeship to fill many of their vacancies. For example, half of Capgemini’s hires used the website to apply to the company.