On-Campus Promotions recognises that our clients want to have a creative presence on campus. Now more than ever students seek interactive employer events and innovative online engagement. Our Campus Events solution aims to design and deliver these creative campaigns for our clients.


Making an Impact

With so much happening out on campus, and students leading such busy lives, we know how important it is to be striking and visual. That’s why we focus on creating inventive and exciting campus events that have a big impact. We make sure as many students as possible engage with your brand.


In order to make creative campaigns as impactful as possible, we design each one to be bespoke to our client. Focusing on your individual brand, objectives and tone, we take a collaborative approach to ensure every client gets the campaign to suit their vision.


As well as recognising that a campaign has to be bespoke to the client, we believe that it’s our responsibility to understand what the student audience wants. Through our regular research and valuable relationships with students and universities alike, we pride ourselves on delivering targeted campaigns that inspire students.


We believe that the important last step to your campaign is reporting. In order to make sure you see the return on your investment we track and log every part of the campaign. Providing a comprehensive report, which details how every part of your campaign was implemented and the results in relation to objectives.

Campus Events

Campus Events campaigns focus on the installation style events we see on campus, mainly in the Autumn term and High Fliers period. Our Campus Events and Creative teams can provide the full service: idea generation, design, creative, delivery and reporting for your events campaigns. Offering you a complete in-house solution to meet all your campus events requirements.

Digital Campaigns

We realise the importance of digital campaigns in the world of students. So we have the capability to deliver these campaigns, having particular success with online competitions and challenges. We fully build and design digital campaigns, including microsites, using various platforms from the RMP Enterprise product portfolio. We will manage every aspect of the campaign, from conception to reporting. Leaving our clients with a fully tracked and visible digital presence.