Crash Course #8 – The Conclusion

By now, you might feel like you’ve learned everything there is to know about creating and managing and early talent pipeline. Of course, there’s still plenty you can read into. This is only a crash course, after all! However, we should have given you a good grounding of how to seek out the most talented students and bring them on board.

To sum up, here are the steps you should be taking to attract the best talent from universities and develop them into valued employees:

Establish the right skills

Before starting your talent search, you need to establish what a good candidate looks like for your company. Think about the skills your employees will need in order to help your business succeed, and if possible, rank them in order of preference.

Without this step, you might end up putting all this effort into recruitment, only to find you have hired someone who might have looked excellent, but isn’t actually a good fit for your firm.

Research universities

lecturesOnce you know what skills and qualities you are looking for, you can start looking for the institutions that are most likely to have a good talent pool for your business. Different universities focus on different topics, and will have certain strengths over others.

You need to focus on the right organisations when it comes to recruitment to ensure that everything that comes after is as efficient and effective as possible.

Utilise online and offline tactics to make them aware of you
In order to attract the best talent, you will need to make students aware of your brand. Online, you should make sure you are appearing on social media, and placement rating sites, as well as attracting attention through tactics such as competitions and giveaways.

Offline, you should try to be present on campuses with installations, while also putting your brand where career-focused students will see it through publications.

Use incentives

Always remember the acronym WIIFM: What’s In It For Me? If you want students to recognise your brand, and especially engage with it, you should always aim to provide them with an incentive.

Competitions, giveaways and the holy grail of student engagement that is free food can all contribute to people engaging with your company. If you want to make sure you are thought of positively, you can engage students with incentives.

Utilise as many touch points as possible

touchpointsOnce you have attracted and engaged students, you will need to keep your brand in your mind, and for this you will need to utilise touch points. There are so many different ways to do this, so pick and choose your methods wisely.

You could utilise technology such as email and social media, or more traditional forms of engagement such as print media or university societies.

As long as you are targeting touch points that will appeal to the right audience, you should use as many as possible.

Test students against your requirements

Once you’ve attracted students to your brand, they will want to apply for the placements and internships you have to offer. To sort the top candidates from the less-appealing, you will need to assess them based on the skills you are looking for.

Traditional interviews can work, but are slightly outdated and less relevant to students. Instead, you could use strength-based testing or work observation to get a better picture of how your recruits will actually perform.

Prepare to retain new hires

The final step is to make sure that the students you end up taking on stay with your company. The last thing you want is to invest in recruitment only to have your new hires leave the company after a year or two.

The current generation of students is much more interested in development and support than in a paycheck, although a competitive salary is important. Make sure you are offering your hires a clear path to progression, and are pushing them to succeed.

At RMP, we believe you have to look backwards in order to go forwards. In other words, the best way to prepare your business for the future is to look to the next wave of talented young people and see what they can offer you, as well as what you can offer them.

It is for this reason that we have established a range of services to help companies with this. We can provide you with on-campus promotional services, as well as featuring you in our placement rankings on We also publish a top employer guide for students, which is something you should aim to get in.

We can help you with every aspect of attracting the right students to your organisation, making sure you don’t lose out to your competition when it comes to bringing talent on board. This is such an important aspect of modern business that it is important you don’t find yourself missing out on the best employees simply because you’re not prepared to invest in today’s students.

Are you ready to begin your journey of recruiting undergraduates? Drop us a line as we’d love to help.